High Blood Sugar and Nerve Damage Connection

High blood sugar in your body can cause diabetic nerve damage, also known as diabetic neuropathy.
Diabetic nerve damage is one of the most common diabetic complications. There are millions of nerve endings in your fingers, hands, toes and feet which are responsible for sensations you feel such as touch, pain and temperature.
When there is damage to these nerves, you won’t feel anything when you step on something sharp, touch something hot or cold or even notice a sore on your feet. When a sore or injury on your feet is left unnoticed or untreated, you are at an increased risk for complications because an unhealed or open wound increases the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. Besides, diabetics have poorer blood circulation so injuries are slower to heal compared to non-diabetics.
WARNING! Infected sores and wounds can eventually lead to further complications and even amputation if proper medical care is not given.



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